Amazing Features

We've been working really hard to improve the Hotel KOT with this amazing new features that you aked for! Check out the Hotel KOT’s new amazing features.

Mobile App.

Mobile App for waiter to enter order table wise. This app will help you to manage all table.

Kithcen Dashboard.

In Kitchen Dashboard will receive all order from waiter app with all details.He can able to set status of dish like order received,Prepared & Served.

Manager Panel.

Account manager can able to see all order with their details.they can able to print receipt & receive bill amount.

About KOT App

Hotel KOT Digital Menu is far more than just a Menu, It Easily Manages Table wise orders, checks the active / inactive tables, Manages Orders Placed from Active table to Kitchen Counters to Bill Calculation & waiter can take feedback from Customer and submit in app data, All in one makes your Guests Visit an Amazing Experience.

Using this product you can able to keep cordination between your waiter,Kitchen counter & account manager. Super admin can able to manage restaurant through their dashboard.This app will help to make a good sense in your service.


App Screenshots

1.Home page
2.List of running table
3.Order Place option
4.Change table option
5.Menu card page
6.Finish feedback page

Awesome Design

Light weight design,User Friendly,Low risk mode,Easy to use,Secured,Mobile responsive

Download App

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